Precast Detailing, Inc.
Drafting Consultants



Projects range from Precast Plank, Wall Panels, Parking Structures to more complex Architectural Precast. Each project is closely reviewed prior to any bids and thoroughly checked prior to any submittals to make sure that all schedules are met on time. It is our goal to keep a good working relationship with all Precast Producers and to ensure that a quality job is done.



Precast Detailing has a staff of  

drafters that are knowledgeable in the Precast Concrete Industry. All of our drafters are proficient with AutoCAD (release 2010).

Office Bldg., Maple Grove, MN.



Precast Detailing, Inc. carries a $1M liability insurance policy for all drafting services.


We have access to independent engineering companies for jobs that require both engineering and drafting. Our Engineering Partners carry a $2M liability insurance policy for all engineering services.


Precast Detailing, Inc. was founded by Bill Freeburg in 1995. He has been in the Precast Concrete Industry providing drafting services for over 27 years. Prior to that he was in the construction field for 12 years.

Precast Detailing, Inc. is a full service drafting company located in the State of Minnesota.